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RK Hydro-Vac is dedicated to the roofing business with years of roof preparation experience. In addition to RK providing a full line of roof preparation services, we are also experienced in industrial and commercial vacuuming such as plant cleaning and water filtration systems.
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RK Hydro-Vac
Roof Services

Ballast Removal

  • Eliminates Wheel Barrow & Shovels
  • No Dust in the Staging Areas
  • No Flying Rock
  • Recycle of Gravel
  • Lessons the chance of Back Claims on Workman Comp

This process vacuums all 1” to 2.5” River rock from single-ply roofs. Our Ballast Removal System eliminates the most labor intensive portion of ballasted single-ply tear-offs. It also removes all crushed rock and river rock from insulation boards of an IRMA roof system.

Ballast Removal

One Pass Dry Vacuum

  • Speeds up Tear-offs
  • Reduces Labor Cost
  • Eliminates Power Brooming
  • Results in a Dust Free Project
  • Lessons Disposal Costs

RK's One Pass Dry Vac Process will remove all loose gravel and dirt from the surface of your built up roof, without power brooming. The RK Dry Vac allows excess weight to be removed from the roof deck prior to laying another roof. Dry vacuuming a roof not only speeds up the process of tear off, it also reduces your labor costs and increases employee morale by significantly reducing coal tar pitch dust.

Wet Vacuum

  • Loosens Heavy Accumulations
  • Clean Bonding Surface
  • Eradicates Ponding Water

RK's Wet-Vac System removes all non-embedded dirt, pea-gravel, or slag leaving the roof 100% clean for resaturant, urethane or other roofing systems. The Hydro-Vac System directs atomized jets of water at the roof surface during the vacuuming process. This double cleaning action loosens heavy accumulations and provides a scrubbing action on the caked dirt below the gravel. This cleaning all happens inside the vacuum head, eliminating "ponding water". The result is an extremely clean roof surface ready to receive restaurants, urethane foam, adhesives, or other roof systems which require a clean bonding surface.

Pneumatic Ballasting

  • Eliminates Damage
  • Efficient Use of Labor
  • Increases Productivity

Ballast ranging in size from ordinary pea gravel to large river rock required on many roofing systems can be conveyed from the ground to the roof and broadcast evenly in a controlled manner across the roof surface.

RK Pneumatic Ballasting System eliminates damage caused by carting heavy gravel buggies across new roof membranes. Pneumatic ballasting also eliminates problems such as reaching hard-to-get areas, electrical lines, double handling on multi-level roofs, etc.... Your crews are free to move on to the more productive work they are trained to do and the ballasting is done in an efficient and workmanlike manner.

Green Roof

  • Increased Productivity - no wheel barrows or shoveling
  • Reduced labor costs and damages
  • Clean and compact staging area

The construction industry's move toward sustainability and environmental friendliness is one of the most compelling and influential forces to impact the roofing community in decades.

In a world that is focused on increased environmental awareness and energy reduction, green roofing is becoming the standard to which many of today's building owners aspire.

Note: We can accommodate for weekends, holidays and night work.
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